The Most discussed topic, how to care the silk products

1.      Always store your silk products away from direct sunlight and heat.

2.      Once you buy silk products, do not keep them in the plastic bag for more than 3 days, the plastic bags creates moisture and that could cause dulling your silk products like yellowing and mildew and finally reduces the quality and damages the silk products.

3.      Relates to the Pure silk sarees, if your saree has a “zari” border, it is best to get stitch ‘Falls’(a fine piece of cloth that is prepared to stitch to the borders of a sarees, you can find this in your nearby cloth markets), anything more than the border, it will cause the delicate fabric to bear all the weight and you will notice tiny holes there: besides it looks really ugly if the saree ‘falls’ is bigger than the border.

4.      For the first 3 washes, use only cold water. In the case of stains, use delicate cleaning products only on the affected area (in details at the bottom of the page). And also hand wash is recommended rather than machine wash.

NOTE: We always recommend for “Dry Clean” for all high-end silk products.

5.      Wash pallu, body and border separately in the silk saree.

6.      Never wash silk sarees with other clothes and don’t let your silk products to soak in the water.

7.      Never wash roughly or beat the silk products.

8.      Dry the silk products by rolling it in a cotton towel and then hang it on a padded hanger.

9.      Iron silk products on a medium heat. You can also try ironing silk saree by placing them under another saree in order to avoid direct heat.

10.  With the expert dry-cleaner advise – after using 2-3 times, you should dry-clean your silk products.

11.  Store your silk products in a dry and cool place by covering them in a cotton bags/cloth/lunge/dhoti, which allows the natural fiber to breath and remains fresh and tidy every time you wear.

12.  Some silk products like sarees(casual wear silk sarees like crepe/Mysore silk saree, chiffon silk sarees, Georegete silk saree and many powerloom made saree) can be washed at home, but wash them separately.


Guidance on how to remove stains on silk products

1.      The moment you find the stains, immediately wash it in a cold water (only on the affected area).

2.      If you find an oil/ghee stains, then put some talcum powder(only use unscented talcum powder) over it, which the powder will suck up all the oily stuff and then wash the area with mild soap/shampoo with the lukewarm water.

3.      For the Stains caused by blood, deodorants, eggs, meat juices and sweating.

Apply a mild detergent like shampoo (which is good for delicate fabrics) and wash it with cold water. If the stains is dried up for a long time, then use a mixture of few drops of NH2 with Hydrogen Peroxide and clean with a cloth in the affected area.

4.      For the stains caused by lipstick, use dry-cleaning fluids like white petrol and then wash up with mild soap/shampoo with cold water.

5.      For nail polish stains, blot the stained area with acetone. Use a cotton ball or paper towel saturated with acetone (available in drugstores in the nail polish remover section) to blot the backside of the fabric. This action transfers the stain to the paper towel. Rinse and repeat.

6.       Other stains like chocolate, gravy, ice-cream and milk etc. Use dry-cleaning products like petrol, rubbing alcohol and club soda. Let it dry and then use mild soap/shampoo/liquid soap and rinse with cold water.