We ship to most countries across the world except a few where reliable and consistent courier services are not available.

In all International Shipping, the shipping and handling charges are paid for by the Customer while placing the Order.

The International Consignments are also liable for applicable customs duties and taxes as prevalent in the respective destinations, and an additional handling charge by the courier company that facilitates the customs clearance.

All customs duties/taxes and handling charges at the destination country are payable entirely by the Customer.

Our international shipping charges are very minimal and the more you buy, the more you save. Rates are as follows.

The international shipping charge is INR 2000/- on single product delivery. Further, an extra charge of INR 1000/- is added to every consecutive product along with it.

For example,

If you buy only 1 product, the shipping charges is Rs.2000.

If you buy 2 products, the shipping charges are Rs.3000.

If you buy 3 products, the shipping charges are Rs.4000.

If you buy 4 products, the shipping charges are Rs.5000.

If you buy 5 products, the shipping charges are Rs.6000.

If you buy 6 products, the shipping charges are Rs.7000. and goes on...