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tassel is a finishing feature in fabric and clothing decoration. It is a universal ornament that is seen in varying versions in many cultures around the globe.


The collection includes a combination of traditional kuchu, crochet patterns, glitter beads and crystal to form an elegant tassel.
Price ranges between INR400 to INR2000.
Silksbazaar's exclusive "Tassels collection" has always been a favourite choice among our customers and we feel privileged to introduce handcrafted tassels.


Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Who will work to handicraft tassels/Kuchhu?

-      We are privileged to come across many women who has great talent and experience in handicraft the tassels in traditional and modern way, which are inherited by their mother’s and few are learnt from the experienced tasselers.

2)  How to place an order?

-         There are two ways to place an order at

v You can Visit, buy your favourite sarees at reasonable price and at the checkout page, in the “Comment section”, mention that you are interested to know more about the Tassels/Kuchhu. – one of our experts will contact and help you further.

v If you are not a silksbazaar’s customer, You can make an arrangement to handover us your sarees through your relatives/friends/courier or in any mode and get your sarees tasselled. You can contact us or whats app us on +91-8197580690.


3)  Why

-         All Tasselers are verified – trust, quality and transparency.

-         One of our company’s motive is to support and encourage women empowerment and help those women who can showcase their talent and earn some income for herself towards financial stability.

-         Silksbazaar’s designers helps tasselers to come up with more creative works.


4)  How does process works once I place an order?

-         Every sarees are unique in combination of colours and designs, our tasselers will make sure to choose the right silk threads according to the combination of the saree colours, select the right beads and crystals and other components to make sure the sarees should look more beautiful than ever.


5)  Can I upgrade the beads, crystal and other components?

-         Yes, you can select for the Swarovski beads, crystal and other components, but please note the price will be higher than the normal cost.


6)  How much does the tassel cost?

-         The cost varies between INR400 to INR2000 per design and is based on the intricate handicraft efforts needed, crochet craft work, bead work, glitters etc(This price excluded from premium components).

-         All cost excluded courier charges (charges depends from place to place).


7)  Do you accept orders from all the places?

-         Yes, we will accept orders from all over the world, wherever the courier facilities are available – precisely domestic, national and international.


8)  May I know the time taken for delivery?

-         Tassels are handcrafted and will take 3 to 6 days per saree based on the tassel design. However please note that the delivery date depends on our current workload.

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