Hello Sellers,

Welcome to Silksbazaar.com!

We are happy to empanel you as a silksbazaar’s sellers family.

Why to sell on silksbazaar.com?

Silksbazaar is a niche and vertical ecommerce marketplace and it mandates silksbazaar’s sellers to sell only pure silk and pure silk blended with any other fabrics related products. We are trying to build “Authentic Pure Silk Store”, with all your support we will make this happen.


a) How to signup in the silksbazaar.com?

    Please Click Here, video will guide you how to sign up.

b) What all documents required to become registered seller in silksbazaar.com?

    You are required to have following documents to become a registered seller.

    1) PAN card – Personal PAN card for the sole proprietorship and Personal PAN + company PAN card for the company.

    2) GSTIN is mandatory to sell in silksbazaar.com, even though if you are selling non-taxable products.

    3) Bank account and other KYC documents like address proof and cancelled cheque.

c) Why do we need to enter bank details in the signup page?

    We collect the bank details from you to transfer the settlement amount, once the product is been sold.

d) What is GST under TIN?

    1) TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) consist GST (Goods & Services Tax).

    a) GST (Goods & Services Tax) is a form of indirect tax imposed on goods and services and made unique tax in india.

Products Listing/Adding

a) Does silksbazaar charge for listing the products in the website?

    No, we don’t charge for listing product in the website, but we will take marketplace fee, once the product is been sold.

b) Who will decide the price of the products?

    You will be deciding the price of each product, which you will upload. And also please consider the marketplace fee to be included in the price of which you sell.

c) How to add the products in the seller dashboard?

    Please Click Here, The video will guide you on adding products.

d) Will I get any help on adding products or cataloging?

    Yes, we have few affiliates, who are qualified services providers, we will connect you with them.

e) When can I start selling in silksbazaar.com?

    Once all the required documents are verified and approved, you can start selling.

Delivery and Payments

a) Who will handle the delivery of my products?

    Silksbazaar’s logistic partner will handle the delivery, once you receive the order confirmation, you need to pack and keep it ready for dispatch and make sure that you should update the status as “ready to dispatch” in the seller dashboard, so that our logistic partner will come and pickup the package for the delivery.

b) Will Silksbazaar provide packing material?

    No, We don’t provide packing materials as of now, but be sure that packing of the products could be really matters for your future growth. We advice our sellers to use the best packing material for the packaging.